The best place for a wedding celebration in Moscow

The best place for a wedding celebration in Moscow 29.11.2017

The custom (family tradition) to have a lavish and tempestuous wedding celebration after the end of the official part existed at all times virtually in all parts of our planet. Arranging a rich feast, the newly-born family showed the Universe that it was created for a successful and prosperous life.

Nowadays, looking for a banquet hall or restaurant, while organizing a wedding, takes a significant part of the time. And that is not a surprise, because the banquet on a wedding day is the longest and most important part.

Let us consider the main points of choice.

Cafe, restaurant, open air marquees or the house renting

Pompous restaurant

This is the dream of many brides to hold a wedding banquet in a place with a special ambience . This is the dream of many brides to hold a wedding banquet in a place with a special atmosphere. Fortunately, Moscow can offer a wide variety of options for this. Splendid panoramic views of the city can be watched from the World Trade Centre complex. Their wedding project, including nine halls, can satisfy the most fastidious taste. In the summer, you can use open-air terrace. And at night and in good weather the lights of Moscow are indelibly impressing for people’s memory.

Undoubtedly, this place is expensive, but if you are planning a wedding with a small number of guests or a celebration in a narrow family circle, this option may prove to be preferable.

Photo: WTC

The Khayyam restaurant will perfectly suit the lovers of oriental themes. The two levels of a real oriental palace are hidden behind its modest facade, and its hookah lounge leaves a special impression.

Karaoke rooms can accommodate up to 150 people. Despite the whole feeling that you are in a palace, the prices there are rather moderate, slightly above the average, plus its hookahs are the best in the city.

A small river boat

Many people believe that the rent of a river boat for a weddings and its riding along the Moscow River, including passage through the city centre, past the Kremlin and other notable places, will cost a huge sum of money. Moreover, it is necessary to pay for the rent of the vessel itself. I want to dispel your prejudices, everything is not so frightful. In addition, if you book a date and make a deposit, you can get a good discount...The evening ride through the centre of Moscow on a ship, while celebrating one of the most wonderful days in your life is very romantic.

Wedding in the countryside

In summer, weddings outside – the city are especially popular – there are fresh air, warm weather and marquees amidst green grass and trees – so, what could be better?! This is a great opportunity to escape from the city's hustle and bustle and enjoy the proximity to nature. Nowadays, most restaurants are offering their catering services. You can settle yourself at the creatively decorated area near a lake or a river.

The second option is to rent a house with adjacent areas for a couple of days, hire one or two professional chefs who will buy all necessary products for you, and do not even invite a compère – just choose some of the most active friends of yours and rehearse with them a tentative program.

Thus, you will get a lot of positive emotions: fresh air, two- or three-storey house for the celebration, a spacious area for guest communications. By the price, this option is comparable to the wedding celebration held in an average restaurant, but the guests will get incomparably much more pleasure of it.

The choice is yours!

Photography by Alexander Cherkasov