How to arrange the wedding of your dreams

How to arrange the wedding of your dreams 25.09.2017

It is the eternal question, how to arrange the wedding of your dreams, not stressing out your fiancée very much by coordinating the menu, choosing the color of the table cloth and photo shoot locations.

To be honest, it is quite a challenge to pull off the mission of arranging the celebration so that no one would come to any harm.

selection of photographer

Choosing a photographer 

So, let's get started. Surely, the choice of a photographer is the key factor after you have made up your mind about the design of the wedding dress and the specialist in hairdos and smoky eyes.

When I was going to get married, Instagram masterminds were in the process of obtaining their diplomas and their brainchild was not on the roadmap yet. The photos were supposed to be stored on a disk and in print form. They were copied and hung on the walls.

Photographer is the very person who will spend the whole festive day alongside the newlyweds. Wedding photographer will firmly take criticism and hysterics of the groom and if needed will set the bride's veil right, if the bridesmaids are out of sight.

Choosing a host and a restaurant

Choosing a host and a restaurant

Choosing a restaurant is one of the key factors. The place should be atmospheric and colorful, the menu should be tasty and varied so that in the end the guests would be pleased and full.

The host is one of the key figures at the event, he/she ranks almost right after the groom. There is a great difference between an amateur and a professional toast master.

I am not a fan of contests with chairs and knotting ties. That is why the variant with a live wire toast master was rejected right away. It is much more pleasant when a toast master is gifted with vocality and can sing a song, for example, in English.

Let the celebration be bright and spectacular!



Photography by Alexander Cherkasov