Wedding ordeals or how to make the ideal wedding makeup

Wedding ordeals or how to make the ideal wedding makeup 10.09.2017

The first thing practically every girl who is going to get married thinks about is that she is going to be the most beautiful bride. It closely echoes the scenes of the Soviet film of the 1980s, “The Most Attractive and Beautiful” (if somebody still remembers it), doesn't it?

I am the old fogy who hasn't yet forgotten such Soviet-era romantic films. As for me, I practically didn't get ready for the wedding. It took me just one day to find and buy a wedding dress together with my sister, my guardian angel. She arranged everything: make-up artist, specialist in bridal hairdos, she found a restaurant – and this list may go on and on. The only thing that wasn't up to scratch was the hairdo: I wanted a Jennifer Lopez style hairdo or a hairdo in the mould of the models in the Nina Ricci commercial, but the result fell short of my expectations. Anyway, there was no time to fix it all. Well, whatever.

Attention- make up!

Watch out – makeup!

I should do justice to the make-up artist: the makeup exceeded all my expectations. The make-up artist turned my wide eyebrows (like those of Leonid Brezhnev) into symmetrical, even and neat eyebrows. Most importantly, my new eyebrows looked natural. Besides, it was not over the top, the make-up artist didn't overdo it.

I saw my face as single complete whole, i.e. its both sides were absolutely symmetrical. I know that this phenomenon almost doesn't exist naturally, but magical brushes and beauty products of all sorts do wonders.

Applying test make-up

Putting on test makeup

Dear ladies! I urge you to put on a test make up. It is not easy to find “your own” make-up artist. Besides, the services market is awash with the offers from unscrupulous and unfair “specialists”. Thanks to their efforts it is a proper bogeywoman that may come into view of the dumbfounded guests instead of a charming and adorable princess. And it is hardly possible to better it all, no matter how much she cries her eyes out. In short, you'll become “terribly beautiful”, a proper candidate for the lead part in a horror film.

Surely, the wedding photographer will do his best to retouch the photos and airbrush them out, improving everything that is possible. But you wouldn't want to have your face altered so much that neither your relatives today nor your children in the future could recognize you.

Dear ladies, unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with the hairdo. For example, the hair has got sagged, or there is a genuine hornets' nest on your head or the overall look evokes no enthusiasm and doesn't sit well with you. At times it may happen so that the dress doesn't fit perfectly at the key moment. It is even worse if a guest spills wine or sauce on it. In this case, portrait-type photography is your silver bullet. But on one small condition – make-up should be perfect. Just don't overdo it with decorative cosmetics. Otherwise you'll look like Marilyn Manson, not like Marilyn Monroe.

What should the bride's makeup be like?

What should the bride's makeup be like?

  • Keep in mind that the bride's makeup is to be delicate, tender, sensual, sexy, but not aggressive or in-your-face.
  • Keep in mind that dark eyeshadows make your look heavier, and they drop off at the end of the day. You need the makeup to stay for at least 14 hours. There is no way you'll be able to avoid touching your face. Otherwise, you'll look like a doll.
  • You should without fail have all basic make-up products with you, so that you could fix your makeup if needed. No doubt, a loving lady is sure to kiss the bride. And this lady will have a lipstick of a rich color (that she's been keeping specially for such a moment) on her lips. Just removing such smears from the face is like “mission impossible”, to accomplish it you'll need at least a foundation and a powder.
  • It is no less important to bring along your own lipstick. Otherwise, you'll have to only feast your eyes on the pleasures of the table and curb your appetite. Besides, there's a long-standing tradition in Russia when during the banquet sitting at the table the guests exclaim “Now a kiss!” and the newlyweds share a kiss. Eventually, by the end of the banquet there will be no trace of lipstick left on the lips, if you don't refresh it.
  • Give preference to the lipstick of a nude color in order to not draw attention away from the eyes – on such a day they should be especially tell-tale and attention-getting. It is the lipstick of natural, neutral colors that is most suitable for a photo shoot. Certainly, bright colors are excellent. But even fastest of them tend to rub off in such circumstances. The resulting look is rather unseemly and unpresentable. And the groom with the lipstick smears on his lips makes a comical impression.

Examine your photos once more, decide what suits you most, search the Internet, study current fashion trends. Discuss your idea of the look with the make-up artist, – and all of a sudden you'll manage to think of something brand new, the look of unsurpassed beauty.

Still, it's better to try out all ideas with the help of the test make up, because one can't rule out that a seemingly good idea may result in a failure in practice.

Focus on natural look

Focus on natural look

One should also take into account the Murphy's law that plays against us. I guess we all have seen a lot of wedding photos that have turned into memes!.. We all laugh in unison at a bad dress, makeup, or hairdo. But, come to think of it, these poor girls have pushed things too far and crossed the line between “beautiful” and “terribly beautiful” in a bid to be unique and one of a kind. You've got to feel for them. In order to avoid such mistakes, you need to take everything into account.

I mean the basis for make-up – facial contours, shape of the nose and lips, the color of skin and eyes. I advise you not to spend too much time in a sun parlor before the wedding (actually it is bad for your skin, it starts ageing much more quickly). It's not for nothing that natural face color is so popular in the East. The beautiful women living there look like young girls to old age. Besides, the orange-colored skin doesn't add freshness to the look of the bride, and doesn't match all that much with a traditional white dress.

make up

In accordance with all fashion trends, natural make up comes to the fore. Such make up accentuates all strong points that nature gave you. I am not a professional make-up artist, but I went through it all myself and I may share my personal experience. There are a lot of people who give credit to and have trust in my opinion.

Dear brides-to-be, lastly I'd like to say that make-up artists are all artists in their own way. They have their own views of everything. But not all paintings by great masters are to your liking… Every girl in her mind's eye has many times run thought the script of her wedding. And she envisions herself as the bride radiant with happiness, but not engrossed in the gloomy thoughts about her look and the impression she makes on others.

Dear brides-to-be, may all your most beautiful and daring dreams come true, not just on your wedding day, but during the rest of your life too.


Julia, 30 years old

Photography by Alexander Cherkasov