Organization of the wedding in 30 days

Organization of the wedding in 30 days 30.11.2017

The marriage proposal has been made and kindly accepted, the day has been named, the diamond is sparkling in the ring, you are riding high and giddy with happiness!

However, you are facing an uphill task – organization of the wedding in a short time-frame. Many brides-to-be intend to personally plan and control every aspect related to the organization of the wedding celebration and reception and don't want to engage a wedding agency. This may seem an impossible task: to-do lists that are kilometres long, as well as heaps of ideas and solutions that are to be studied, approved and implemented, for example, to agree upon the budget, to take into account the wishes of the fiancé and of the parents, and, besides, time presses, the clock is ticking…

Hang tight! Keep your head! How to make the process of the wedding preparation pleasant and efficient? To achieve this, you should single out the main stages, set up priorities, designate those who will be responsible for this or that thing.

First stage in the organization of the wedding

In the very beginning of the process it is Inspiration that you need.

  • Put together the broad-brush image of the future event: check out ideas in social networks, study fashion magazines for brides-to-be, organize brainstorming with married female friends.
  • Decide with the husband-to-be whether you want a theme-based wedding or a low-key ceremony in a narrow family family circle?
  • Or maybe extreme variants are more to your liking: underwater wedding or wedding on top of the Batur volcano on Bali? There's a whole host of variants.
  • As soon as you have formed the general idea, the direction will have been given.

Set the date, place and budget

What do you prefer: wedding during a snowy winter or during a hot summer, in a restaurant, in the countryside, aboard a ship? Maybe you like the idea of inviting the wedding registrar to your place to have an on-site registration of the wedding?

You should keep in mind that a summer wedding implies advance reservation of the time of registration in a Civil Status Registration Office, as well as of a banquet hall, photographer, videographer and a host.


We cast off conventionalities and gather a family meeting: it is important to determine the average and maximum outlays for each item of expenses:

  • How many guests will be invited? Do you want to see colleagues, friends and relatives at your wedding ceremony and reception or do you prefer a quite family party?
  • You choose a place where to hold the wedding reception, banquet hall decorations, menu. Believe us, this is the greater part of the budget. We recommend you to use the package offer of the party location.
  • Do you want to organize an unusual setting for the first dance? In this case you need professional dancers, choreographers, special stage properties.

Bridesmaids, best men, groomsman

Identify the people who will form part of this rapid reaction and assistance team before and during the wedding. Your friends will be glad to offer you some new additional ideas, to help in the course of preparation of the wedding. Besides, they will play an important role during the ceremony. That is why together with them you should in advance prepare the schedule that contains all necessary actions, as well as plan in detail of the whole wedding day.

Create a group in WhatsApp or in any other messenger. Thus you will significantly speed up the planning process and dealing with all matters.

Choice of wedding specialists

Ask your friends to recommend you a professional photographer and videographer, look at their works, sum up the style. You should without fail meet with them and have a talk; decide what photos and videos from the wedding ceremony and reception you would definitely want to see. It is very important to establish the schedule of the day. You should always ask to show not just a portfolio, but full albums and videos from particular weddings. It is also difficult to overestimate the role of a host and DJ. Make a program with them –the atmosphere in the banquet hall and the mood of the guests in the course of the wedding will in many ways depend on this program.

Make-up artist

It is arguably the most important wedding specialist. The beginning of your morning will depend on the make-up artist, only she may create the unrivalled image and offer self-confidence for the whole long wedding day. You should without fail make a test make-up and hairstyle before the wedding and discuss all nuances in details.

Wedding dress

Wide range of wedding dresses and accessories, alas, doesn't make the choice any easier. And sincere participation of a close female friend or mother in the process of choosing the dress, their positive attitude will do good.

Confirmation of arrangements

10 days before the wedding make sure that all arrangements remain in force, go through the list of guests once more, make the list of important contacts.

Photography by Alexander Cherkasov