Wedding scenarios: from classic to extremal

Wedding scenarios: from classic to extremal 28.11.2017

Which scenario should you choose for your wedding? Do you prefer a classic wedding style, in European or Russian traditions? Or, maybe, you dream about something original, and even extreme on your Wedding Day?

Regardless of your preferences, you need a Wedding Scenario.

Before the wedding

Wedding celebration is always a troublesome and exciting event. Every couple dreams of making their wedding unforgettable and bright. In order that your dreams may come true and the wedding day can be funny, beautiful and without unpleasant surprises, it is important to think out the wedding scenario to the finest details. Like any other public event, a wedding celebration requires professional staging, so it is better to entrust such an important issue to a specialist who will use all her/his experience and consider all the wishes of a particular couple.

I. Classic Wedding Scenario

This is the most common version. In this case, not only the bride and groom, but also their parents and witnesses are important persons at the wedding.

The morning

The groom is coming to the bride with horns and trumpets (sorry, neighbours, but most frequently it happens early on Saturday morning!). The bridesmaids greet him and block his way, demanding a wife purchasing. A cheerful bargaining begins, which is lasting for about 30 minutes... Each pair has their own approach to the purchasing rite, but, however, the basic elements always remain the same:

Questions about the bride’s preferences: her favourite colour, films, dishes, etc., it is also proper to find out here whether the groom remembers the place of their first meeting.

  • Dance contest for the groom under the slogan: "Show how much you love the bride by dancing!".
  • Proposal to him to recognize among many others her lip print or to find in a bunch of keys the one, opening the last door, behind which the bride is waiting for him.
  • Trial of his wits: whether he is able to quickly find a lost shoe.

You can think up it endlessly! The more it is creative, the brighter the impressions and subsequent memories will be...

Registration in a civil registry office and the meeting after

As a rule, the couple comes to the registry office by cars. Sometimes it happens that a carriage with horses may be ordered for the newlyweds. Nowadays, the number of cars is not so important, but a good mood is the main thing.

The future husband appears first with his friends to meet the bride, effectively open the car door in front of her and help her out of the vehicle.

The process of marriage itself is usually well-directed by the registrars.

After the registration, before the couple’s arrival in the banquet hall, all the guests are lining up in two rows. They may have at the ready rose petals, candies or rice as a symbol of luck and prosperity of the future family. The newlyweds’ parents, who also were present at the official part in the registry office, meet them with bread and salt – the original wedding round loaf. Their mothers hold in their hands this work of culinary art, offering the newlyweds to take a bite of it. The one, who is able to bite off more than the other, will be the head of the family.

Banquet hall

At the place of celebration, great importance is attached to the activity and professionalism of the compère and DJ. You had better reserve good compères in advance, because they are always in high demand. The master of ceremonies will entertain the guests and newlyweds according to the previously approved program for about 5-6 hours, which is long enough. The mood that will reign in the hall is largely depends on him. It is important to discuss with him in advance on all jokes, competitions and other events, excluding those unacceptable.

As a rule, the time at the banquet is allocated among dances, competitions and a feast with toasts and wishes. An important part of the program are the first dance, bride kidnapping, garter removal and, of course, "X-hour" – the moment when the bride throws a bouquet to her unmarried friends. At this moment of time, you can make the most vivid photos and videos, especially in a slow-motion mode.

II. Original ideas to hold weddings

You can have your wedding in a fantasy style: the bride is Snow White, a princess or a fairy, and the groom is any other fairy-tale character. Or maybe someone wants to organize a hippy-style celebration, or turn the hall into a pirate ship, or lay carpets everywhere, arrange hookahs, candy dishes, cups of tea with spices and plunge into an oriental fairy tale? Or even celebrate a wedding in the manner of Star Wars, given that two new parts of the film have come out in the last two years and one more will soon appear, so you are guaranteed to be on trend.

Adrenaline style

If you wish to make the wedding "under high tension", you can register your marriage and say "Yes!" during a parachute jump, in the air-baloon basket, on the mountain top or while descending from a snow-covered slope on a snowboard. And you would rather forewarn the guests about the unusual celebration and dress code...


If a couple likes diving, they can exchange their rings under the water; lovers of strong sensations can do it in a special cage, observing sharks, while they are being fed close to the grid.

Wedding in another country

Wedding in another country can be an interesting adventure for both you and your parents and friends. Some people like beaches, the wash, such islands as Samui, Perhentian, Borrakay, but others dream of romantic walks in the streets of Rome, the skyscrapers of Hong Kong or Singapore and castles of the Czech Republic. By the way, in almost every country you can order a wedding ceremony in the hotel or right on the beach. In this case, you will not be recognized as official spouses in Russia, but you can register your marriage before the journey and hold a truly unique wedding ceremony.

Photography by Alexander Cherkasov