What Civil Status Registration Office to choose: helpful tips

What Civil Status Registration Office to choose: helpful tips 28.12.2017

The marriage proposal has been accepted, the couple are enjoying their new status- now they are an engaged couple. It's high time to think about choosing the place of marriage registration. Indeed, official wedding registration procedure is an important part of any wedding ceremony.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a Civil Status Registration Office?

I think that the following important aspects may have an impact on the choice:

  • Popularity. The more popular is the Civil Status Registration Office, the larger cushion of time you need for booking the wedding day. You may take a number for filing the application by means of a personal visit, but we recommend using the online registration on the state services portal.
  • Location. Before choosing a Civil Status Registration Office, think over the logistics and evaluate whether and to what extent it will be convenient to get to it from your home and after registration of the marriage – from it to the place of the walk or a wedding party. Nobody wants to sit in traffic jams on the wedding day….
  • Interior design and decoration of the Civil Status Registration Office, the atmosphere prevailing in the building, beginning with the entrance and ending with the marriage room.

Civil Status Registration Office or a Wedding Palace?

In order to decide on this matter, you should take into account the following.

Festive, beautiful registration of future newlyweds is organized in the Civil Status Registration Offices of Moscow only on Fridays and Saturdays. In Wedding Palaces you'll be able to hold the ceremony on any working day at your discretion.

We strongly advise you to spend some time and to visit in advance the place of the wedding that you've chosen. You should evaluate whether and to what extent you like the atmosphere, employees and the offered services. A wedding day is a big and joyful event. It means that nothing should cast a gloom over the festive mood.

In short about popular Civil Status Registration Offices of Moscow


The building was built in the end of the ХХ century, but it is situated in the historical part of the city. It looks quite aesthetically pleasing, there is a small alley of fir trees.

Inside there are beautiful decorations, big waiting hall, marble finish. High ceilings and columns, mirrors and a cut-glass chandelier create a pleasant atmosphere. A separate exit from the function hall is also an advantage. As for disadvantages: small parking lot and overload during the high season.


One of the most beautiful places for registration of the marriage.

Stand-alone two-storey building, own parking lot, registration hall is elegantly decorated, a lot of mirrors, a real mansion house of the end of the XIX century.

Disadvantages: a small hall with the capacity of just about twenty people, as well as very high load...

Griboedovsky wedding palace No. 1 – one of the most popular establishments of registration of marriages.

In spite of the inconvenient (as far as traffic jams are concerned) location in the very center of Moscow and the absence of a parking lot, this wedding palace is regarded as a prestige one.

The mansion in which the wedding palace is situated was built by the architect Voskresensky in the beginning of the XX century. The unique architecture of the premises has been preserved. The interiors of the building are very beautiful. Big windows with velvet hangings, cut-glass chandeliers and candle holders, huge mirrors… Everything creates the atmosphere of luxury, celebration, comfort. Enjoy! This is YOUR WEDDING DAY!

You get to choose the Civil Status Registration Office.

And don't forget to book the services of a wedding photographer, who will capture and preserve the brightest and wonderful moments of the celebration so that you could share them with your near and dear, future children and grand-children!

We wish you happiness, warmth and all the best!

Photography: Alexander Cherkasov