What to discuss with the photographer before the wedding?

What to discuss with the photographer before the wedding? 14.01.2018

You are busy getting ready for the wedding, but still haven't had time to think about putting the photo shoot in place? It is high time to get down to this matter. If you search for a photographer shortly before the wedding, on the very last days, taking guidance only from recommendations of those you know, such search is fraught with the risk of not only getting the photos that will be embarrassing to show to others, but the photos that you won't want to look at yourself.

Surely, when choosing a photographer, it is important to glance through portfolio to get in touch by phone. But it is only during a personal meeting that you may find out whether and to what extent your wishes are akin to the photographer and whether he/she will be able to pull off the intended ideas on a professional level.

Why do we need a meeting?

A meeting with a photographer is like a job interview. Indeed, it is only in the course of face-to-face communication that you may understand whether you will be able to achieve mutual understanding, to get on well and to work together. We sincerely advise you to not content yourself with a talk by phone, but to meet with a photographer in person in order to discuss all details. A personal meeting is the guarantee that you will in advance come to a consensus and will be able to keep to the minimum the risk of occurrence of unforeseen situations.

A personal meeting is necessary in order to:

  1. Determine to what extent it will be comfortable for you to spend the whole wedding day with the person. Usually the photographer accompanies the newlyweds from the very morning, from the moment of getting ready till the end of the celebration. It is important for the person to be pleasant for you so that you wouldn't feel out of place and ill at ease in his/her presence and in front of his/her camera.
  2. Discuss the details of the photo shoot, the desired style, locations. It is possible that the specialist will want to set out in advance and take a look around in order to choose the best shooting angles and views. Or he may suggest changing the order of visiting the places of interest and natural landmarks in order to use the natural lightning to the maximum. Before the wedding the photographer may suggest adjusting the route, including into it excellent shooting locations that are unfamiliar to you. Such locations will make the photo shoot even more remarkable and eye-catching.
  3. Discuss the clothes, make-up and other details. This will allow to choose the most advantageous aspects so that the newlyweds would look glamorously and attractively, but not comically.
  4. Ask the questions of interest and make the final decision – whether you want to entrust this person with the shooting of the most festive day of your life.
  5. Sign the contract. This item is not compulsory, but it guarantees you and the specialist that the cooperation will take place.

5 questions that you should ask the photographer before the wedding

A host of issues arises, beginning with payment for editing and number of photos, and ending with the details of the way the photographer is to look on the wedding day. You must admit that it will be strange if among the guests in evening wear there will be a person in board shorts with a camera. Or, vice versa, if a gentleman in a tuxedo appears at an informal, casual wedding.

What should the newlyweds and the photographer discuss without fail before the wedding:

  1. What about transport? Will the photographer need a separate car, taxi or is it enough to pay for the petrol?
  2. Will any accessories be required for the planned photo shoot? Who will choose them?
  3. If the photographer suddenly falls ill before the wedding, is any stand-in guaranteed? Who exactly will act as the backup?
  4. Is the photographer planning to edit the photos himself, will he entrust another person with it or hand over the photos without editing altogether?
  5. What's to be done supposing a force-majeure circumstance occurs: equipment breaks down, the photos were not saved?

Many guests will want to make photos by using their smartphones or cameras. It's better to discuss with the photographer how to organize this so that it wouldn't interfere with the photographer's work.

Discuss the format of the photo shoot

Some couples try to plan in advance all the details and even run through the poses for the photos. Others prefer vivacity and spontaneity of the moment. Before the wedding the photographer should be aware of what you want: posed photography, reportage photography, mix or something else.

You should ask the photographer what styles he specializes at. Show him the photos from the Internet that you like – this will help develop a successful strategy and make your wedding photos perfect.

Photography: Alexander Cherkasov