Winter wedding

Winter wedding 29.12.2017

Most of future newlyweds opt to wait for the summer to hold a wedding. But indeed a winter celebration may be no less vibrant and cheerful!

First of all, we should point out winter landscapes and the snow that is sparkling in the sun. This creates a special atmosphere, especially if you go to the countryside and organize an unforgettable wedding photo shoot there together with your guests and family.

In this article we'll look into the specific aspects of planning a winter wedding in Moscow or in any other place.

Specific aspects of a winter wedding

For everything to go well, you should:

Be ready for any weather – snowfall and ice rain, sun and above-zero temperature, dry soil and white snow in a park or far away in the countryside.

If bad weather is raging outside, it is better to move the photo shoot inside the building, for example, to a beautiful restaurant or even to a studio.


Take care of warm clothes and a car that would always be warm and waiting for you.

Make a detailed and exact plan as to what photos in what places you want to take. This will come in handy if the weather is fine, the sun is shining brightly, but the temperature has dropped to minus 20 °С. You should also set aside some time for the wedding photographer to get the equipment ready – in case of a sharp drop in temperature the camera lenses fog up from inside. For this effect to not spoil the photos one will need about 20 minutes for the procedure of gradual raising/lowering of temperature.
In order to create the most picturesque photos in winter it is better to go to parks. Arkhangelskoe, Kuskovo, Tsaritsyno estates look great at this time of the year.

It would also be perfect to go to the countryside, to the forest – pine trees, fir trees covered with sparkling pristine white snow will help take unrivalled photos.

Stock up on thermos jugs with hot tea and everything will go off with a bang.

Ideas for a winter photo shoot

You'd better organize a wedding in the second half of December or on the first days of January when all European, USA, Russian cities and towns are festively decorated. During this period, you may even not need to drive anywhere – decorations and bright fairy lights will allow to take beautiful photos both in daytime and especially at night.

Photo shoot with horses, clever and noble animals, will bring in an additional romantic appeal.

Hold a wedding reception or an on-site registration near a burning fireplace.

Decorate the banquet hall with the compositions made from berries.


Don't let your guests and bridesmaids get cold, warn them that it may be very cold or may be not.



White coat will also give additional elegance to your outfit.

Are you going to get married on a ski slope?

Take a couple of photos on the lift.


Architecture of your city or town will also become a memorable and eye-catching background four your wedding photos.


Turn the restaurant that you've chosen for the wedding reception into a snow-covered forest,

or a castle made of ice,

or, in order to get warm more quickly, use warm colors in decoration of the hall!

Let's drive to the countryside to stylized restaurant or to event to camping.


If it starts to show- it's a pure joy!


Or you can hide into warm building- everybody except a photographer!

You may quickly go out of the Civil Status Registration Office without outdoor clothes and jump into a warm car.

Are you getting married in December, when there is no snow and there is only fog everywhere? Never mind!

Maybe you'd like to go to the mountains, quickly take off outdoor clothes, give them to the bridesmaids and take a couple of cool photos?


Photos with adorable and good-natured husky dogs also look great.

There is a snow storm outside and you don't want to go out into the freezing cold, but how can one live without winter wedding photos? Get the photographer out!

Photos in the night during snowfall might be amazing.


and forest photo shoot again…

You can get a lot of soulful pics just to sit down into snowbank.

Let's bring back the childhood memory!

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