Ruslan Ivanov- a host, stage director, master of improvisations, the men who is ready to make your celebration unforgettable!

Several facts about him: considerable experience in conducting of celebrations of different level and type, individual approach and scenario writing.

Creativity, improvisation, breathtaking ceremonies, author’s styled performances (“frozen mind Queen”), Venetian carnival (“Meeting”, Venetian hand-made masks), song of the year, fashion show and a lot more is waiting for you. This host doesn’t have ancient and low moral contests.

Phone- +7 968 598 08 82



Professional team of Videographers - VIDEOSALON production.

It’s a company of gifted people, united to create truly vibrant and professional videos of different types and styles.

These team can film your wedding up from the sky and down to the ground, from water and even through ice and flame :)


Anastasia, professional make-up artist and hair stylist.

She is a master in look creation- make up of any difficulty, stylish hairdos, eyebrows. She creates looks that fundamentally excel anything you can do by yourself. Face correction, expertly selected make up style and gorgeous hairstyle will change your appearance completely!

She will help you to create unique look in accordance with modern fashion trends and with regard to your individual features, appearance and hair.

Anastasia will gladly take care about beauty for those, who value time and who is interested in professional high-grade services. The fundamental principle of her service is the ultimate attention to the client’s opinion.

Phone: + 7916 014 2870.


SoFlowers is the unique florist services in Moscow. My name is Sophia and I’m florist. Flowers are my passion and inspiration.

I like and value every moment of flowers path: discussion the concept of bouquet with a client, purchase of necessary flowers and materials, their preparation, composition creation, handing the bouquet over to the client and her reaction. There is an interesting peculiarity in each stage.

Phone: +7 926 666 7289.


Irina Moshkina, professional confectioner chef.

She’s a golden winner in confectionery art contests, consultant of culinary projects on TV, author of confectioner magazine «Deco cake», member of jury of different Russian and international confectioner contests.

The client wish is the most important aspect for her: just tell her which cake and decoration you wish and she will make the rest.

Phone: +7 926 279 5549.


Magician-illusionist Ujinn.

Official website

Magician-illusionist Ujinn is the professional actor of original style. He’s a member of russian Illusionist Association. He has versatile experience: actor, director, choreographer of theater and Estrada. He successfully performs in Moscow and Russia regions. He is a member of multiple projects on TV, awardee of festivals and completions.

He has a lot of performance styles: funny magic, micro magic, cheerful tricks with audience participations (interactive program), master classes, hoax for the coming guests (face control) and a lot more.

Would you like to surprise your guests or an interesting show-program at the wedding, perhaps you wish to congratulate newlyweds in a special way, or make an unusual gift to a birthday?

Phone: +7 (926) 590-26-32.


Professional singer Christian Silvestro was born in Rome, Italy.

He started to sing and play guitar at the age of 16 and nobody still can to stop him :) He has arrived to Moscow 5 years ago, found his love and decided to settle here. Chris has a unique ability to sing both in Italian and English.

His favorite styles are English rock and pop music, and also classical and modern Italian songs: from Celentano to Ramazzotti.

Phone: +7 915 322 58 61. (WhatsApp).