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Exhibitions, scientific conferences, concerts or graduation parties are the important events, what need to be recorded. Special event photographer is necessary to make a good photo reportage of the event. He will be able to help you to capture celebration not just in your memory, but in the images too. There will be vibrant, remarkable images which will delight you in the future.



Private event photographer

Important events happen every day. This refers also to private celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or christening of children. Reportage photography is the best solution to capture them forever in images. The main goal is to save the ambience of the celebration, convey emotions through faces and poses of people.

It’s possible to book event photographer at any time, however, the selection of good specialist might be difficult. The quality and the amount of the photographic equipment is rising thus professional cameras become affordable for everybody. The number of amateur photographers is on the rise, but the difference between images made by professional photographer and amateur one is visible with a naked eye.

I’m a professional event photographer in Moscow therefore I offer my services to you. Everybody can contact me- it’s not obligatory to be the representative of the company. I also take pictures of private events. If you would like to keep good memories of the meaningful event, for instance the wedding, then invite me as registry office photographer and get high quality pictures or order photobook.

  • Consultation and photo-shoot planning,
  • Hourly rate from 100 usd. Minimum 60 edited photos\hour,
  • Discounts if booked for full\half day,
  • All images will be edited (colour\light corrected),
  • Images are transferred via cloud services,
  • All images will be delivered in 14-35 days.

You can check out my event photography portfolio here .

How to book event photographer in Moscow


Call or write to me. You can request a call back via website.


Let’s meet in person, you will be able to look through my portfolio and we will thoroughly discuss shooting plan.


Book the date and time. Prepayment is required (30%). The remaining 70%- at the day of the event or the next day.


Images will be delivered in 14-35 days

Questions and answers

1. Which types of events do you shoot?

I take pictures of every kind of event. There is a nice peculiarity in any event.

2. What is the difference between photo shooting of business event and a private one?

My main goal during any event is to capture moments. The real reportage photographer possesses quick response, ability to see interesting aspects in simple things, systematic approach, skill to set priorities. I always clearly see what and for whom I take pictures: during business events I work in accordance with marketing dept. tasks; during private events- I capture and reflect emotions, happiness, joy and smiles.

3. We’re planning a business event. How can a photographer help us?

It’s crucial not just to organize the business event, but also inform as much people as possible about this event. The fine quality images of the event- is the guarantee that it will be noticed and remembered. The photographer’s purpose is to create the most beneficial content for the news, presentations, your website and other resources.

4. What information shall be provided to the photographer before the business event?

There is no surplus of information. Besides location, date, timing I must be informed about the most important details for you: what people I should concentrate my attention at, which branded merchandize will be provided. No doubt I will consider special requests.

5. What factors do influence the fact that the price for shooting a conference is higher?

The successful reportage shooting at conference needs not only experience and refined skills of the photographer, but also it’s important to use two cameras with different lenses:

  • The first one is used to capture dramatic images from a far distance, for example speakers of the event.
  • The second one is useful to make casual, wide-format images of the ambience without wasting time for changing lenses..
6. Can we get several photos during the event? Opportunity to post photos during the event in real time is especially important for the press department.

Yes, it’s possible! My cameras have wifi and professional image editing software is installed in the phone. It’s possible to provide several edited images directly from the phone during the event. Reporters work this way.

7. We’re planning our kid birthday party and want to book photographer services. Can we invite you?

I will with pleasure take pictures of your kids’ celebration. Just tell me where and when will this joyful event take place. I recommend to book photographic services of the event beforehand.

8. Tell us about your professional experience please.

My experience in the event photography is quite abundant. I’ve taken pictures of interstate conferences, reportage photo shooting of top officials of Russia, different business conferences. I have taken photos of a lot of private events for both companies (team buildings, corporate parties) and individuals (birthday parties, memorable dates).

9. I’m planning my anniversary. I would like to keep memory of this event. Should I book photographer in advance? Or it’s possible just to call a few days before the event?

I recommend you to book my services beforehand. Thus you will avoid needless worries and will know for sure: I will arrive to your event in specified day and time.

10. What should be done if photographer’s service is needed for less than 3 hours?

In most cases I work at events what last more than 3 hours. But every rule has exceptions. Call me, I’m sure we will reach an agreement.


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