Registry office photographer


Official ceremony is the major part of any wedding. Whether it is a pompous celebration or modest registration, the most important event happens in registry office- the new family officially emerges. The newly married couple want to capture this moment and keep pictures for the future generations, therefore event photographer services are always in demand. The real professional photographer can take beautiful images, what will be able to convey unusual mix between strictness of the official ceremony and tenderness of lovers, happiness of their relatives and friends.

Package «Registry office photographer»

The invitation of photographer to the registry office won’t demand serious financial expenses. Thanks to my considerable experience I know exactly which kind of pictures will beautify the family album and also I can offer you the optimal package without excessiveness and overpayment. You also can book photographer just to the registry office for 1 hour- 120 usd.

  • 3 hours photoshoot;
  • Minimum 80-90 edited pictures;
  • All pictures are edited (colour\light corrected);
  • Minimum 15 pictures will be retouched;
  • Pictures will be delivered in 30-45 days;
  • The price- 250 usd.
  • You can order 1 hour photo shoot- 100 usd.

How to book

There’re 4 simple steps to book professional registry office photographer.


Call or write to me. You can request a call back via website.


Let’s meet in person, and we will thoroughly discuss the service of photographer in registry office. You will look through my portfolio and I will offer you different options on photo shoot.


Prepayment is required (30%). The remaining 70%- on the wedding day.


Pictures will be delivered in 30-45 days.

5 reasons to book services of photographer Alexander Cherkasov

The finest quality of work. During many years of work I learnt to create artistic pictures and to retouch images masterfully. My main advantage is to capture moments, understand people and feel the most delicate details.
Individual approach. The Package «Registry office photographer» can be widen or reduced on client request. We can tailor optimal solution for any celebration.
Affordable prices. Services of professional registry office photographer are quite expensive in Moscow. I will offer you good a deal.
Punctual time frame. Pictures will be delivered to you in the exact term.
Creative approach. Every photo shoot is the whole new story, what needs to be watched and captured. The most interesting moments and vibrant emotions will be kept during reportage photo shoot. I will help you to compose the itinerary of the photo shoot to replenish your family album with remarkably beautiful pictures. Also I can offer you to create photo book, all pictures will be gathered and beautifully arranged for you in the wedding album.

Questions and answers

1. How to make photo session in registry office to be more interesting?

Professional photographer invited to the registry office will offer you several options for shooting. Besides photos of official ceremony, you will get technically perfected reportage style pictures or posed photos in interior. A lot of registry offices are located in beautiful buildings in historical parts of the city, which certainly needs to be taken into account.

2. Will be any photographer able to work efficiently in registry office?

Wedding palaces are quite specific location for the photo shooting. Usually bad lightning, tight spaces and archaic decoration are waiting for us there. Only relevant experienced professional can consider all the details and get fine quality images in these conditions. Meanwhile it should be remembered, that there won’t be any opportunity to reshoot.

3. Can we invite photographer to the ceremony in registry office and after to the evening part of the celebration?

Everything is possible. The main aspect is to define time and the style of photo shooting.

Photographs taken during festive ceremony in registry office will take significant place in your wedding album and will become the beginning of your family chronicle.


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